Hot Classics - The Reign & The Attack Of The Disco Queens

Un par de medleys de esos que van incluyendo unos pocos segundos de cada canción, muy apropiados para un fin de año, realizados por Stephen L. Freeman para Hot Tracks que se publicaron en la caja Hot Classics.

El primero resume el Reinado de las Disco Queens de finales de los setenta y el segundo el Ataque de las nuevas Reinas Disco de principios de los ochenta.

Love And Kisses — Thank God It's Friday
Paul Jabara — Disco Queen
Poussez! — Come On And Do It
Diana Ross — The Boss
Village People — Y.M.C.A.
Dan Hartman — Relight My Fire
Lipps, Inc. — Funkytown
Suzy Lane — Harmony
Viola Wills — Gonna Get Along Without You Now
The Raes — A Little Lovin' (Keeps The Doctor Away)
Love And Kisses — I've Found Love (Now That I've Found You)
French Kiss — Panic
Arpeggio — Love And Desire
France Joli — Come To Me
Teri DeSario — Ain't Nothin' Gonna Keep Me From You
Voyage — Souvenirs
Linda Clifford — If My Friends Could See Me Now

Evelyn Thomas — High Energy
Viola Wills — If You Could Read My Mind
Carol Jiani — Hit 'N Run Lover
Kelly Marie — Feels Like I'm In Love
Gayle Adams — Your Love Is A Lifesaver
Carol Jiani — Mercy
Hazell Dean — Searchin' (I've Gotta Find A Man)
Boystown Gang — Remember Me/Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Two Tons O' Fun — I Got The Feeling
Patrick Cowley featuring Sylvester — Do Ya Wanna Funk
Patrick Cowley feautiring Sylvester— Menergy
Patrick Cowley — I Wanna Take You Home
Miquel Brown — So Many Men, So Little Time
Lisa — Jump Shout
ABBA — Lay All Your Love On Me
The Weather Girls — It's Raining Men
Laura Branigan — Gloria (in 3D)
Donna Summer — She Works Hard For The Money
Lime — Unexpected Lovers
Eria Fachin — Savin' Myself
Cerrone — Trippin' On The Moon
Phyllis Nelson — Don't Stop The Train
Lime — Your Love
Lime — Babe, We're Gonna Love Tonite
Lime — Come And Get Your Love
Patti LaBelle — New Attitude

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  1. StephenLFreeman@att.net13 de agosto de 2010, 16:40

    Stephen L. Freeman, here...

    First... Let me thank you for including these 2, of my 3 "Disco Queens" medleys, on your Blog. I am beyond flattered, as they were all labors of love. And were created, solely with the use of 2 turntables, an old Bozak mixer, and a reel-to-reel tape recorder. Utilizing a simple editing block, razor-blade, and splicing tape. No computers, or Digital sources of any kind, were involved.

    Second... Please allow me to correct a couple discrepancies in your recitation of the track listing for 'Attack of the Disco Queens':
    1) Boystown Gang - Remember Me/Ain't No Mountain High Enough (not 'Inner Life')
    2) Patrick Cowley featuring Sylvester - Menergy
    3) Laura Branigan - Gloria (in 3D)

    Third... The complete 'Disco Queen Medley' Series was released as follows:
    1) Attack of the Disco Queens (the 80's Hi-NRG medley)
    2) Return of the Disco Queens (the 80's Hi-NRG medley pt. II)
    3) Reign of the Disco Queens (the 70's Hi-NRG medley)

    As a final note to collectors:
    There were only 50 copies pressed of HT Series 9, Issue 4 (the original pressing of 'Attack of the Disco Queens'), on RED vinyl. And only 50 copies pressed of Series 10, Issue 4 (the original vinyl pressing of 'Return of the Disco Queens'), on PINK SWIRL vinyl.
    "Reign of the Disco Queens" was never available on vinyl.

    Again, thank you SO much for finding my work to be worthy of your attention. The owner of DISCOTERIA (on the network), where I currently broadcast my weekly show - "Stephen L. Freeman's 'BACK TO MUSIC'", stumbled upon this site and sent me a link. And it was an unexpected thrill, to start my day with.

    all the best... all the time...

    Stephen L. Freeman
    'dis oui musique'
    Fort Lauderdale, FL

  2. StephenLFreeman@att.net13 de agosto de 2010, 16:57

    Oh yeah... One more piece of info...

    All 3 CD releases of 'Attack of the Disco Queens (the 80's Hi-NRG medley)' are slightly different from it's original, vinyl release on HT Series 9, Issue 4 (side F).

    HT's Producer, at that time (J. Mark Andrus), felt he needed to "clean-up" some of the medley's transitions. Unfortunately, in doing so (without my knowledge) he muddied-up the intro, and eliminated the energy level from 3 of the medley's key peaks.


  3. Stephen, thanks so much to you for your comments and tons of great information you provide. I'd never thought anyone involved in the work of the music I post would write here and less with such kind words. This blog is also a labor of love, respect and admiration, so it's me the one who is really flattered and grateful.

    You have me make me dance and be happier with your mixes (how many times I've played Donna's Midsummernight medley!), I'll be deeply thankful to you forever!